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History of Elk Ivory Creations.

Elk Ivory Creations began around 7 years ago. I , Jeff Wallis was schooled in the art of Silversmithing at an earlier age in my teen years. I was a member of the Imperial Beach Gem and Mineral Society. It had been quite some time since I had made any jewelry, and one day I decided to give it another shot. I began with a few simple pieces, and then made a piece with an Elk Ivory that was given to me. This piece got quite a bit of attention. So in that I enjoy Elk Hunting , I figured why not make Elk Ivory Jewelry. So that is how Elk Ivory Creations came about. I am also a Member/Donor of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. I enjoy creating and donating jewelry to the RMEF banquets in Arizona. This way I feel that I am doing my part for the conservation of these truly magnificent animals. Whenever you get a chance, take a kid Hunting or Fishing. It is a Positive and Rewarding experience. Thanks for stopping in and checking out my website.

Mission Statement

Elk Ivory Creations, is committed to making a top quality product at affordable prices.


My Little Home Based Operation Is Run By Me!!!!

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